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Light Blue Bird Bath - 24 Inch

Bring Serenity to Your Garden with World Source East GP0110ES Bird Bath - 24 Inches of Tranquil Light Blue Bliss

- Easy to Clean: The smooth surface of the bird bath makes it easy to clean and maintain. You can simply rinse it off with a hose or wipe it down with a damp cloth.
- Eco-Friendly: The World Source East GP0110ES Bird Bath is an eco-friendly choice for bird lovers. It provides a safe and clean source of water for birds to drink and bathe in, which is essential for their survival.

The World Source East GP0110ES Bird Bath is a stunning addition to any garden or outdoor space. Measuring 24 inches in diameter, this bird bath provides ample space for birds to splash and play. The light blue color adds a pop of color to your yard while also attracting birds. Made from durable materials, this bird bath is built to withstand the elements and last for years to come. Its simple yet elegant design makes it a versatile piece that can be paired with any style of outdoor decor. Give your feathered friends a place to cool off and refresh with the World Source East GP0110ES Bird Bath.