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Easy-Install Detachable Bird Bath Feeder by GESAIL

Transform Your Backyard into a Bird Haven with GESAIL Outdoor Bird Bath - Easy to Install, Detachable, and Perfect for All Your Feathered Friends!

- 9-inch metal clamps that make it easy to install in any location, whether it's on a tree branch or a balcony railing.
- Shallow Design: The shallow design of the bird bath makes it easy for birds to access the water and also makes it easy to clean.

The GESAIL Bird Bath Outdoor is the perfect addition to any bird lover's backyard. With its shallow design and easy installation process, it is the ideal bird bath for wild birds, cardinals, sparrows, squirrels, and speckled white birds. The bird bath is detachable, making it easy to clean and maintain. The adjustable 3.9-inch metal clamps ensure that the bird bath remains securely attached to any surface, preventing it from tipping over or falling. The GESAIL Bird Bath Outdoor provides birds with a safe and comfortable place to drink and bathe, while also adding a beautiful and natural element to your outdoor space. Get ready to enjoy watching birds splashing around and playing in your very own backyard with the GESAIL Bird Bath Outdoor.