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Blue Solar Bird Bath by Peaktop

Enhance Your Garden Oasis with Peaktop's 18-Inch Blue Outdoor Glass Solar Bird Bath

- Versatile: The Peaktop 3207000 Outdoor Glass Solar Bird Bath can be used in a variety of settings, including gardens, patios, and balconies. Its compact size makes it easy to move around and place in different locations, so you can enjoy watching birds wherever you are.
- Low maintenance: Because this bird bath is solar-powered, it requires very little maintenance. You won't have to worry about changing batteries or running electricity to it. Simply place it in a sunny spot and let

The Peaktop 3207000 Outdoor Glass Solar Bird Bath is a beautiful addition to any garden or outdoor space. Measuring 18 inches in diameter, it provides ample space for birds to bathe and drink. The blue glass bowl is handcrafted and adds a pop of color to your yard. The solar-powered pump circulates the water, creating a soothing sound that attracts birds and adds to the ambiance of your outdoor oasis. Made with durable materials, this bird bath is weather-resistant and built to last. Give your feathered friends a place to cool off and refresh while adding a stunning piece of decor to your outdoor space with the Peaktop 3207000 Outdoor Glass Solar Bird Bath.