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Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

Revitalize Your Outdoor Oasis with AISITIN Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump - The Perfect Addition to Your Garden, Pond, Pool, Fish Tank, and Aquarium!

- Versatile: The AISITIN
- 5W Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump can be used in a variety of settings, including gardens, ponds, pools, fish tanks, outdoor spaces, and aquariums. It can add a beautiful and soothing water feature to any space.
- Low maintenance: Since this solar fountain pump doesn't require any electricity or batteries, it is very low maintenance. It also has a built-in brushless motor that provides a longer service life and reduces the ne

The AISITIN 2.5W Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump is a great addition to any garden or outdoor space. This solar-powered water fountain pump is perfect for bird baths, ponds, pools, fish tanks, and aquariums. With six different nozzles to choose from, you can customize the water flow to your liking. The pump is easy to install and requires no electricity, making it an eco-friendly choice. The 6.7-inch diameter solar panel ensures that the pump can operate even on cloudy days. Enjoy the soothing sound of running water while attracting birds and other wildlife to your outdoor space with the AISITIN 2.5W Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump.